We support you, our clients, with management and proposal consulting services that fit your needs, your culture, and your budget.

We provide winning strategy and proposal management to deliver the compelling case for a WIN decision by the customer.

The WIN strategy drives the overarching actions our clients take to first shape the competition to the mutual benefit of the customer and the bidder, and then to beat the competition. We advocate Lean Staffing to constrain costs and eliminate the confusion of standing armies.

Strategy/Positioning Phase – Create the baseline offering.
• Build winning strategy
• Shape the procurement
• Select core team
• Build the affordable, executable program pan
• Design an achievable technical offering
• Create the risk mitigation plan

Proposal Phase – Convert the offering into the winning documents and orals.
• Develop the compliant, persuasive, winning proposal highlighting the benefits
• Offer a team aligned to the source selection criteria
• Show investment to reduce proposal and program risk
• Employ hardware and software technologies to meet requirements with high TRL 
• Use System Engineering to provide the best balance of mission performance, delivery schedule, program cost and risk.
• Ensure total consistency among proposal sections and volumes

End Game – Tailor the offering by listening to the customer’s response to the proposal
• Respond constructively (not defensively) to customer’s questions, ENs and DR/IRs
• Use responses to keep re-selling the proposal’s benefits
• Conduct well-rehearsed orals, if required, for persuasive “Why Us”